It Wasn’t the Rectal Jokes

Cobra/Destro finally been suspended for abusive tweets directed at me. Yep, the guy responsible for those abusive tweets almost exactly one year ago is finally suspended for abusive tweets directed at me. Tweets he made six months after I blocked him and only found a couple of weeks ago. Actually it wasn’t even tweets; he made a single tweet in July. He said no one would ever want someone as ugly as me. Mild for him. When I saw it, I remembered part of their reasoning for not punishing him in January and February of last year was that I had interacted with him. This time I didn’t. I reported the tweet, detailed the initial encounter, reminded them that Cobra was permabanned for abuse, and pointed out that he was continuing the abuse on anyone who disagreed on his Destro account.1 And this time it worked.

I’m feeling such relief about it right now. I know he will use his other account to harass people and he might harass me again. But I just feel so much better knowing he could be stopped in some way. That what he did has finally been acknowledged by Twitter to be abuse.

It makes me even more thankful that I didn’t end up taking my life last year after those tweets. I was so close and I’m so glad I didn’t. Last year started so rough2 but it was so good in the end3. I’m glad I stuck around.




  1. He’ll probably do so on his TheDrMindbender account, so I hope whoever he targets reports him. 

  2. thanks to him 

  3. thanks to my friends, family, LMAP, A, and me 

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