Daily Archives: December 27, 2014

At the beginning of this year, I had the fun experience of having some assholes calling me a whore and trying to meme my face. It was a rough time. I started self-injuring more. I had suicidal moments. I was not doing well for a while, even after I blocked those involved. In the time since then I’ve blocked other people who were shitty to me, including former friends and complete strangers. I’ve also blocked people I have never interacted with. Some were known for stalking and assaulting feminists offline. Some were on Level 1 or Level 2 of The Block Bot for harassing and abusing people. Others are part of sites like A Voice for Men, or friends/supporters of those who run sites like AVFM. There are celebrities and their groupies who tweet sexist, racist, homophobic, anti-Islam stuff. There are members of GG that I’ve preemptively blocked after seeing them harass others. And I would block these same individuals again. Even after receiving crap from them on their secondary accounts. Even after making the “block list” by a stalker for simply following other feminists. Even after receiving harassing and threatening tweets for retweeting something by someone that one of these people doesn’t like. I don’t have to put up with their crap. I don’t want to either. I might enjoy a little arguing from time to time, but there are only so many times a woman can be called a dumb man hating slut who is so ugly no one would want to fuck her let alone rape her.123 People who make this sort of statement to, about, or near me get blocked. I do it because I don’t deserve that sort of crap in mentions. I do it because I spent twenty years in therapy; trying to break through trauma and self hatred and having biological predispositions to having mental health issues. I do it because I have had happy minutes, hours, and days. I do it because I’m finally allowing myself to be a true and living person, one who dates, who makes plans, and who leaves her house multiple times a week. I don’t want to be the completely broken girl who trolls could tear down so easily, so I block them to help make sure it doesn’t happen. So if you’re blocked from my Twitter account, that’s why. And if you’re wondering why someone else would preemptively block another person, maybe it’s for reasons similar to mine. Really you don’t have to know why. If a person blocks another person, then it should not matter to you why they have, even if you’re the one being blocked. It’s not your business. It’s theirs. Paraphrasing what became, at times, a daily greeting. ↩Look at the logic in that statement. ↩These are also the people who believe in vast feminist conspiracies. ↩

Blockfest ’14