What a Rip-off! 1

Nana has been receiving bills from Haband. The weird thing is that she’s never ordered anything from them. Ever. And the items aren’t coming to her. In fact, the shipping address that they’ve got is to a property that is owned by Orchard Brands. That property is in Massachusetts, a state she’s never even been to. Strange, right? That’s what my whole family has been saying.

And when we’ve tried to clear this up? They say that she’s ordered the stuff. How do you order stuff when you’ve never had a catalog or even heard of the company before? And why would you order it and send it to a place she’s never been? She doesn’t even know anyone who lives in Massachusetts. It really doesn’t make sense, but Haband is being stubborn and saying that the orders are legit.

They even want my grandmother to pay them $14.95 a month for their VIP club, which is another thing that they say that she ordered. Obviously, she didn’t, but I guess they want or have to bill her for it. It’s ridiculous and disgusting that they are billing an 81-year old who didn’t know about them before this incident and who definitely didn’t buy anything from them.

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  • Haband Company

    Hello Janet. We feel horrible reading your post and obviously want to set everything right given the chance. If this has not been resolved yet, please reach out to our customer service department at (800) 742-2263 and we will help clear this up.

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