Online Quiz Things (October 2014)

October 9, 2014: How did you die in your past life?

How Did You Die In Your Past Life?

OD’d in Woodstock: Your love for music, dancing and just having fun has a very long history. In your past life, you were a music fanatic who went to all the best concerts and clubs. You listened to some of the truly best artists in the history of music (LIVE!) and partied like a king/queen. Then came Woodstock: the nature, the music and the drugs. At least you know better this time around.

Aside from the drugs and the crowds, this totally sounds like me now.

October 10, 2014: What are you most inclined to be addicted to?

What are you most inclined to be addicted to?

Alcohol: The addiction you’re most inclined to have is alcohol!

Don’t Panic! You are an enjoyable person who knows how to have fun! Your friends would say that you’re the life of the party. But there’s a deep side to your personality. You’re empathetic, understanding, and a good listener. Not so bad, eh? The truth is that you’re actually a bit of an introvert that just needs a drink or two to loosen up and be social. But once you loosen up, you’re the best of the best.

Which totally makes sense for a non-drinking, non-partying person. Actually, I had a friend in high school that had this same sort of belief about me needing a drink or two. I’ve never had alcohol, so I wouldn’t know. Also, I think more than just a bit of an introvert. I’m a major introvert.

October 10, 2014: What is the first body part people notice about you?

What is the first body part people notice about you

Bust: Your best and most noticeable feature is your impressive bust! And we all know that it’s one of the most important parts of the body (evolutionary speaking of course). While you certainly have the goods, you manage to show off your body in a classy and sophisticated way.

But they’re not really noticeable. A B-cup on an obese person is not noticeable, except by people who are shocked that they aren’t bigger. Basically, the noticeable-ness of my boobs is that they noticeably lacking in size.

October 12, 2014: Which 90’s TV girl are you?

Which 90's TV girl are you?

Clarissa: Down to earth yet exceedingly nerdy. You are most like Nickelodeon’s Clarissa Darling of Clarissa Explains It All! Clarissa’s adventures began way back in 1991, where she taught the world that A.) Boys will totally watch a show about an awesome girl and B.) Girls can be computer nerds, too! Clarissa designed her own video games as a hobby, and would frequently stump dudes with her knowledge of tech and gaming. She also dealt with everyday problems with finesse and wisdom beyond her years – two qualities we’re willing to guess you possess as well. Wonder what she’d think of today’s video games!?

Sounds like me.

October 18, 2014: Which member of the 27 Club are you?

Which member of the 27 Club are you?

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Your thoughts are never too far away from your art. You are inspired by people on the street, a song on the radio, or a conversation with a friend. Life is complicated but you fall in love with it everyday. You are Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Another one that actually sounds like me.

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