An Actual Sex Crime

CBS News had a story on the “leaking” of Snapchat nudes. They brought up Jennifer Lawrence calling her pictures being published a “sex crime”. The last line of the story said that the Snapchat pictures being released would only be “an actual sex crime” if it involved pictures of minors. I don’t know if they were saying that because so many states lack adequate digital privacy laws, or if they feel that unauthorized nude pictures of adults being released is just not that bad. Well, it is bad.

Let’s change the situation from pictures being released to a person outside your bedroom/bathroom window. Instead of having images of you nude on a hard drive, the person is watching you dress, undress, shower, use the toilet, have sex, etc. Laws cover this kind of violation. Laws understand that this kind of voyeurism is a sex crime. So does society.

Well, nude pictures being leaked is the same sort of situation. A person does an act (that is titillating for some) in private, for themselves or another person. They feel safe doing this, so they put themselves in a vulnerable position. If someone takes advantage of them for/while they are doing this, then that is a sex crime.

“An actual sex crime” does not have to involve a person being raped or assaulted. It doesn’t have to be an underage person in a picture to be a crime. It is a crime because it is a violation of someone.

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