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Lately, I have been walking. I’ve gone five days per week for a couple of weeks. I’m up to a little around a mile each day.1 There’s a problem. I don’t have appropriate footwear. I’ve been borrowing my mom’s, but we don’t have the same foot size. Our widths are similar, but lengthwise, she’s a 9 and I’m a 7.5-8. We’re doing a reverse Cinderella.2

It’s messing up her shoes. It’s also messing up my feet. I have raw places on my heels. I’m having pain in the inside of my foot/ankle. The first metatarsal almost at the tarsals area hurting like crazy, so I’ve been limping a lot. I’m not a limp-er.3 I may get injured a lot, but limping is something I try to avoid.4

Another reason that our footwear can’t be traded back & forth is that I inherited a form of brachymetatarsia from my dad. It’s actually the common kind that’s known as Morton’s Toe. My second toe looks longer than my first toe. My mom doesn’t have this issue. It probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it causes a person to walk differently. She walks more on the inside of her foot, while I walk on the outside. It also can impact pain in other regions. Anyway, because my walking style is different, her shoe hits my foot in ways that are very uncomfortable. It’s exciting stuff, right?

Anyway, my feet need to find some cheap and comfortable walking shoes. Any suggestions? Until I get these babies in some well fitting shoes, I’m going to have to change how I do my walks. Hopefully, I’ll get the new ones sooner rather than later.

  1. This is a big deal, since prior to that I wasn’t really getting out of my house except for appointments. Even going to get the mail had become a frightening concept. 

  2. My feet and hands don’t match up with things like my height. I had someone at a doctor’s office compared them to Cinderella; she even called them dainty. They have that kind of weird look that Cinderella’s feet had, too. 

  3. Except for my natural limp that occurs when I run. 

  4. Usually pain gets worse with limping. Limping also seems to cause injuries. 

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  • Amber

    It’s a bit hit-and-miss, but have you tried looking around thrift stores? They may not be a long term solution, but it would at least help until you can afford to drop the $30+ that you’d need for a decent pair of new walking shoes. The tennis shoes I wear now, and have been wearing for over a year, were from Goodwill and were only $4.50. I doubt you’ll luck out like I did (they’re those Sketcher’s Shape Ups, and they were only a little used when I got them), but like I said, better than nothing until you can afford the actual better. Oh, and last but not least, congrats on both getting out of the house and getting exercise. I’m proud of you. *hugs*

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