They’ll Be Missing You 2

Nana went “missing” this afternoon and we just found out.

Nana went to church this morning with her neighbor, Annette. After church, they went out for lunch. Actually, they bought lunch somewhere & went to eat it by the Lake. They went to other places, including the cemetery.

Well, her brother came by at noon and she wasn’t home, so he called their “sister” Deb1 and told her Nana was missing. She drove from Walmart to Nana’s house & called AB when they still couldn’t find her. By about two or three hours after her brother came by, they had called the police23 when Nana and Annette got back.

They told her that she has to call them before she ever leaves her house. She said she most certainly does not and that she is old enough to leave her house whenever she pleases. And she called us at 7 to let us know.

  1. The one who didn’t approve of my Hello Kitty profile picture on Facebook and said I was 30 when I was 28. 

  2. but not us 

  3. or Annette 

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2 thoughts on “They’ll Be Missing You

  • Jenn

    I’m glad your grandmother is all right! I take it she doesn’t have a cell phone to be reached by?

    • Janet Morris
      Post author

      I am, too.

      She used to have a phone, but she quit going out (other than to go to doctor appointments) very much, so she decided it was a waste of money. My mom has most of the numbers for people that she goes out with, so we assumed that the other family members had those numbers, too. Apparently, they didn’t. Now, they have Annette’s, but I’m not sure if they have some of the numbers for her other friends.

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