Orgasmically Struck By Lightning 1


Masturbation is a most deadly sin and children need to be protected from the temptation.

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The original story is a hoax.

I once believed this would happen to me. Actually, I went as far as blaming myself anytime I tried to and something bad happened within the week afterward. Of course, I grew up in a sex negative culture and have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so my fears make sense.

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One thought on “Orgasmically Struck By Lightning

  • VampAmber

    That’s extra funny to me (the article, not you being paranoid), because in the twelve years since I first went away to college, I have met sooooooooooooo many chronic masturbaters (I’m talking a couple times a day, every day, chronic). Yet, I’ve never met a single person who has ever been struck by lightning. I’m not even sure I’ve met anybody who’s known a person in real life who’s been struck by lightning. I love some of the insanely stupid shit people believe when it comes to hoaxes that confirm their religious beliefs. *rolls eyes*

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