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When did Putin get a Tumblr account?

You know…))) You just made me the best compliment you can ever imagine. Thank you so much!

Uh-huh. You realize that psychologists have said his actions resemble those of Hitler & Hussein, right? Being like him or just being an apologist for him is not a compliment.

So some psychologists said and you in a blink of an eye belived it? Let’s say I will sue you for that. Tell me how do you think – would you win baising you defence on some psychologists opinion? Nope.

Let’s see… Putin had killed people because he thinks russians are suprerior race? Nope. He gives now shelter to refugies… Putin started a World War? Nope. He stoped USA and EU when THEY wanted to start a war in Syria. Putin is histerical, gives speaches in front of lots of people, saying that Russians are powerfull than ever, and USA or EU are regional states? Nope. Obama? Yes!

Did ukranian politics justify the slaughter in Odessa? Where people were BURN ALIVE like nazis did! YES! Are there nazis in ukrain governement? YES! Are there forces payed by oligars who salut each other by “Heil Hitler” like nazis did? Yes. So who is looking like Hitler and Co right now?

I asked questions and demanded facts. About “russian troops invaiding Urkaine” (OSCE and americain serviced said that they dont’ have any real facts), about “Russia took down Boeing” (Russia published all date, Ukraine is hiding), about why ukranian forced run to Russia in hope for saving their lives if Russia is a “bad guy”.

I didn’t recived a single answer. Only dumb posts hopelessly trying to insult me, My President and MY COUNTRY. That means russian people in general. You know how it called when you do something like that? R-A-C-I-S-M

So are you a racist?

Okay. You’re going to be a fun one, aren’t you?

Can I start by saying that your arguments make no sense? There’s no logic in them. I’m not even going to go for the petty remarks I could make about spelling because the arguments you’ve made towards me and others are so lacking that being petty isn’t even necessary.

(Oops. That was petty of me, right? I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not.

Now, let’s address the various things you’ve have said to me and to others. I’ll do my post first because it’s the first I can get to.

I understand that you think I have been somehow brainwashed by the psychologists and media to believe anything bad about Putin that exists. I can assure you that this isn’t true. The comment that I brought up by psychologists compared his expansionist style of what you might think of as “governing”.

The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University’s Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics had the following to say about Mr. Putin:

Putin is a highly dominant, narcissistic leader with secondary features of high conscientiousness and substantial introversion.

The article featuring that quote also said that his type of leadership could be labeled as “ambitious hostile enforcers”. According to that article and political psychologist Margaret Hermann,

Expansionists, like Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein, see the world as being “divided into ‘us’ and ‘them,’” based on a belief system in which conflict is viewed as inherent in the international system.
This worldview prompts a personal political style characterized by a “wariness of others’ motives” and a directive, controlling interpersonal orientation, resulting in a foreign policy “focused on issues pf security and status,” favoring “low-commitment actions” and espousing “short-term, immediate change in the international arena.
Expansionist leaders, according to Hermann, “are not averse to using the ‘enemy’ as a scapegoat,” and their rhetoric often may be “hostile in tone.” Other common characteristics of expansionists include a high degree of power motivation, strong nationalism, an unwavering belief in one’s ability to control events, supreme self-confidence, distrust of others, and a very goal-directed level of task orientation — all of which are evident to varying degrees in Putin’s personality profile.
Putin believes the world is divided between his Russia and the West, often using “the West” or “democracy” as a scapegoat for his problems. Rising through the KGB and Russia’s political elite, he entwined himself with the history of Russia. Typical of narcissistic leaders with exalted self-concept and dreams of glory, he views his destiny and that of the Russian state as one and the same. Putin is Russia; Russia is Putin. Although Putin shows no discernible signs of contemplating genocide or waging conventional war — sensation-seeking adventurousness ranks relatively low in his overall personality profile — he displays a desire for control and deeply entrenched feelings of resentment toward the West. His world is a zero-sum game in which any gains by the West or by domestic opponents are considered moral threats to his power.

That’s pretty much the whole article that I was referencing. Do you see how your comments to me might be slightly out of line with what I suggested?

I understand that you might think that an American like me would be afraid of a lawsuit from you because we love lawsuits here, but I’m not. You wanna know why? Well, there is this thing called jurisdiction. As the offensive statement originated in Alabama and not Russia, you would be looking at the civil laws of Alabama and the US. What I said can’t be construed as defamatory in any way according to the law. Basically, if you filed a lawsuit, a judge would laugh you out of court. Now, if you filed it in Russia, I could ask for the US Embassy there to appoint me counsel in absentia or I could appeal to have it moved to an international court. As my comment had to do with the free press that we have in America, you would probably still lose. Basically, empty threats are empty threats.

On the other hand, I have a feeling that you could be sued by Ukrainians for making blanket statements calling them Nazis, oligarchs, etc. because that could actually be considered inflammatory language.

I insulted Mr. Putin, which I will do again and again and again because he is a shitty human being. That’s right. I called your beloved leader a shitty human being.


It’s about to get better.

I think he is one of the worst fucking excuses for a leader in the last sixty years, and I’m included several other world leaders in that list. Not just Russian leaders. I’ve even got some Americans on that list.

Do you want to know why I dislike this man so very much?

He’s corrupt. He believes all journalists can be bought. He’s promoted nationalism, which is dangerous as fuck. He has limited the rights of the people of Russia. He’s imprisoned people who have differing political views. He’s promoted oppression of LGBTQ persons. He’s suspected of being a part of the murder of Alexander Litvnenko. His actions in Georgia, as well as the actions he’s taken in Chechnya, Dagestan, etc. He’s caused terrorism to grow in your country. He’s changed your country’s political system so that he could remain in power after his terms were up. (Does that not scare you?) He’s supplied weapons to dictatorships. (Yeah, I know, America has supplied to unsavory people and I dislike it just as much when that happens. I’m not a hypocrite when it comes to things like that.) He’s a massive liar—he claims he wasn’t “involved” in the land-grab, but seems to be totally fine with benefiting from it. And its funny how he says Russia isn’t involved, but the rebels in the Ukrainian lands are being recognized as people from the Russian government.

And disliking him for all of those reasons is not racism. It’s called learning from the past and applying those lessons to the present and future. That’s the whole reason we have history classes, so we don’t repeat past mistakes.

I don’t dislike your country; in fact, when it comes to other aspects of your country’s history and culture, I find it fascinating. I’m not fond of you and I have no reason to be fond of you; you’ve threatened to sue me, suggested that people like me who disagree with you are zombies or are brainwashed, and made other crude statements that don’t really make me feel any warm fuzzy feelings toward you. But Putin? I can say without a doubt that I don’t like him.

And I don’t have to.

Neither do you.

These are only the most recent articles about what’s been going on, since you wanted some level of proof:

Based on the things you’ve said, I’m going to assume you didn’t pay attention to the original post (which was a joke) or the news (other than what comes from within your country) of what has been going on between the countries prior to this last month. The Ukrainian army may have accidentally entered Russia a month ago, but the Russian military has been in the Ukraine for almost seven months now.
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  • VampAmber

    Sweetie, you know I love you dearly and that you’re one of my best friends, but I just have to tell you this: quit responding to these people. Quit reading their stuff too, if you can handle that. The only person this stuff affects is you. Either the person is too stupid to understand how stupid they are, or they’re trolls and they’re specifically trying to piss you off. Either way, you’re the only one who gets screwed in the encounter. I hate seeing you tear yourself up over internet stupidity. You deserve a great, awesome life, but you’re bogging yourself down with this stupid crap. You can’t change any of these people’s minds, so you should instead be trying to make your life better. They’re going to rot in their own stupidity, and probably kill themselves by not reading the warning labels on something that should’ve just been common sense. Let them. Darwin wants them to die. Just make yourself happy and ignore them. *hugs* I know how hard habits are to break, but it can be done. I have faith in you. Attract only happiness, and all that other new age-y nonsense. And if it helps, just picture them getting tortured for being stupid/ass holes and then move on.

    • Janet Morris
      Post author

      I’ve been trying to stop reading this kind of stuff, but it is really sort of difficult to do when they respond to something I posted. With this particular person, I was mainly just amazed at her utter devotion to such a vile human being. I’ve seen some pretty fucked up people on the internet, but the denial of his faults that she seemed to have was just fascinating.

      • VampAmber

        I can understand the fascination. But then again, look at how many fans Hitler still has. There is a lot of severely crazy people out there who idolize even crazier and far, far, far more evil people. It’s best to put them in a cage and never interact with them. *hugs* I know how those habits go, though. I keep falling for the trap, and it is never pleasant. Try your best to avoid the trolls and the ones so stupid it makes your eyes bleed. Like me, I’m sure you can’t quit 100%, but every time you don’t read that crap, that’s a small victory. You can do eet!

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