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annadelanklo: piqueque: annadelanklo: piqueque: annadelanklo: You know that about a month or so ukranian army WITH TANKS accidantly entered Russia…   PS There is a huge error on this map – Crimea is RUSSIA! ))) Russian soldiers are going to Ukraine and are killing Ukrainian soldiers, people but OH MY GOD UKRAINE ACCIDENTALLY ENTERED RUSSIA DURING A WAR, what a threat oh mY GOD. And Crimea is Ukraine’s, but what you can understand when you probably watch rtr planeta 24/7. THANKS! And now I CLAIM you to give my PROOFS! Not 9 guys who were arrested near Belrarussian border – far from the war zone… Because EVEN USA agancies (not Psaki) sad that they have no evidence of russian troops in Ukrane. OSCE (who are now THERE) said that too. or you will show me the ukranian “photos” – taken from the game?!  Tell me in Odessa there were russian solgers BURNT ALIVE too? Nope. Local harmless people. Or in hospitals in Doneztk? Nope. Ukranian army and neonazis is killing THEIR OWN PEOPLE!  If Russia is a “bad guy” why Unkraian people ask Russia for a shelter? Not EU or USA? And please do tell me an exaple in history where refugees were applying for asylum to abuser… And why ukranian army seeks for asylum in Russia too? Thinks about that Crimea separated themselfs from Ukrane and that PEOPLE there voted FOR joining with Russian Federation.If you can’t understand THAT – well I am sorry for you. People have right to decide, aren’t they? Have you see how people there were CELEBRAITING the results of the referendum? Of are you that blind to belive that everything there was a fake and people were forced to to it?  By the way, friendly advice – the worst way to show that you have no competence is to say that the opponent is watching wrong chanel.  Everyone knows that huge part of people in south Ukraine are russians, also Russia always wanted Crimea and after the riot in Kiev happened the situation in Ukraine was really bad and Russia took a chance, with the help of ‘separatists’ who are actually russians or even french lol. Remember war for South Ossetia, same thing happened. Poor innocent as always Russia just shot down Malaysia’s plane, but oh it was Americans, soldiers killed and tortured so many people that I can’t even choose which story to show, probably Mykola Zalanec’s was the worst for my country. But the tortures and all the murders they’ve committed are not the main thing – they’re occupying another country and they’ve no right to do that. Now they’re threatening Baltic states, Poland, and knowing putin’s mental health everything can happen. As usual – no proof. Just common words. Got it…  ««« Russia just shot down Malaysia’s planePROOF! NOW I can give you link to the salilite data that russian Ministry of Defence posted online. But where are the date from USA satellites? Or earth bases in Europe? WHERE?  You know what would have happened to Crimea otherwise?! Hint – ref. Donezk. Meaining MORE deaths of innocent people… As I said – watch people there celebrating the referendum.  Speaking of people – huge part of people in south and west Ukrane are russians BECAUSE they were BORN in one common country – USSR. In Russia almost everyone have relatives in Ukraine. But in Ukrane NOW there are NO Russian troops. There are some volunteers, yes. And on the side of Ukranian troops there are Polish and Baltic. So what? Poland and Balitc states declared war to Ukraine too?  May I recall to you the it was Georgia who began the war with Ossetia and Abkhazia? Right at the time of Olympic games (violated the unspoken rule of no war while there are Games). It was under Saakashvili who is now put on the wanted list by new Georgian govenement.  You know I really worry about YOUR mental health. Why on earth would Russia and Vladimir Putin need Poland and Baltic states?! First of all – these are EU countries. Secondly, and most important – RUSSIA DON’T NEED THEM AS A MEMBER. AT ALL! Russia gets everything from them WITHOUT need to invest money (as it was during the time of USSR). Russia is now using new approach – neocapitalism. Tell me who gets hurt now by the agricultural sanctions? A clue – NOT Russia…   Putin tried to warn EU and USA when they wanted to begin was against Siria, when they were giving weapons to rebels (now it’s ISIS). He hundred times tried to stop this nonecence in Ukraine. What did USA – aproved usage of Molotov cocktailIs against UNARMED police force, gave cockies to the people on Maydan. Great Europe haven’t done anything to protect people in Odessa, Donbas, Lugansk… Now they are hiding facts about Boing… They were even agains humanitarian help from Russia though Red Cross checked everything… If Putin mental state is bad, than the rest of the World (ops smallest part of it – USA and it’s satellits and EU)  are zombies…  When did Putin get a Tumblr account? via Tumblr

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