To Be Relaxed In Orbit

This is my last week of this round of pool therapy. I don’t know if I will be approved for a second round of 8 appointments yet or not. I hope that I am. I feel much better physically and emotionally since I’ve started doing pool therapy.

I have never gotten this far with any type of physical therapy before, so I’m really amazed by the progress. I think I would benefit from a lot more pool therapy, though. I have a feeling that it will be recommended. The big question is whether or not Humana and Medicaid will approve it.

My mom’s occupational therapy got cancelled on Friday because they didn’t feel that it was justifiable to do it in home. This caused her non-Humana home health nursing to be stopped. It kind of put her in a lurch when it comes to getting her Coumadin levels tested. She needs them done this week, but the UAB nurses won’t do them until she sees a doctor there. And they can’t see her for another couple of weeks. If it weren’t dealing with an issue like blood clots, then it might not be such a big deal to have to wait a few more weeks.

Oh, and I went out with a guy. He was nice and didn’t serial kill me. Aside from the guy who I bought a film SLR camera from on Craigslist a few years ago and the church members I friended on Facebook before I met them in person, this was the first person from the Internet that I have ever met. It was a pretty awesome experience, though I was a little nervous.1 I have this tendency to laugh or giggle from nervous energy, so he may have thought I was slightly wackadoodle for that. I hope he didn’t because I enjoyed spending time with him.

  1. Or a lot nervous. 

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