Tired Girl

I had my second session of pool therapy today. The exercises had more reps today. There were also new exercises added. Instead of just focusing on my legs & my back, exercises for my arms were added in today. My arms are not happy with this development.

One of the ladies (Barbara) in the pool started talking to me when she was coming over to the deep end where I was doing bicycles. Barbara said that she was going over where the baby (me) was. She said I looked fifteen and asked how old I actually was. I told her & she exclaimed, “I have a thirty year old granddaughter.”1 One of the therapists said something then about how I was about the right age to be her daughter, if she’d had her kids earlier.2 Anyway, Barbara and I talked about our lives & families. She was really a sweetie. Before I knew it, I’d stayed in the pool for 75 minutes.

Now I’m tired and a bit hungry.34 Maybe I won’t be asked to meet anyone to give them head tonight.5 I can only hope.

  1. I couldn’t believe that. She didn’t look old enough. 

  2. I knew that about her because I met her when I was 7 or 8. She did mom’s first round of pool therapy in 1991 or 1992. She also did the round for her in 2012 & dad’s in 2011. 

  3. I didn’t eat much this morning/afternoon before therapy. 

  4. I ended up checking my blood sugar before dinner, but after I had had some chocolate and non-fat Greek Yogurt. It was 98. Mom thinks I stayed in the pool too long and let my blood sugar get too low. 

  5. Longish story. 

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