Don’t Lick Them & You’ll Be Fine

There are a lot of people freaking out about the American Ebola patients being moved to Emory in Atlanta. Many of these people are nowhere near Atlanta. As a person who lives five hours away,1 I’m not worried. And I’m the exact type of person who should be worried–an anxiety patient with a shitty immune system and a history of being freaked out by Ebola.

Atlanta is home to a lot of bad pathogens. While there are occasionally slip-ups by the CDC, they are still more informed about safety protocols than the average person. Unless it mutates or they have someone who decides to lick or otherwise take in a patient’s sweat/blood/other bodily fluids, everyone is safe. If it mutates, then people are just as screwed on this continent as they would be anyway. And if someone ingests an infected patient’s bodily fluid, then the only life at risk is their own.

Maybe, by patients with Ebola being near the CDC, infectious disease experts will be able to figure out some kind of treatment regime. This could end up saving lives in the end. Isn’t that kind of a good thing?

People need to chill.

  1. thanks to an inefficient interstate system 

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