If I Called the Wrong Number

I called Dottie this afternoon to find out the status of the referral. I told her the situation and reminded her that this was to be done a week ago. She said that she would get it done by the end of the day, then she would call me back. I had a feeling that that meant that she was going to either do the referral this afternoon and not call or not do both.

I know that, one way or the other, I’m at least partly right.

Dottie didn’t call. I didn’t expect her to call me back. She’s given me no reason to trust her. I told my family that that meant that I would be calling her tomorrow about this referral. I will continue to call until I get the referral. I’m also still intent on filing a complaint against her.1 This situation is just ridiculous.

I really need to get this referral thing out of the way because I know, with it being almost time for school to start back, that there will be a lot of kids needing physical therapy. If that happens, then there will be a long wait-list for people who need to be evaluated prior to starting the actual therapy. Every patient, including the pool ones, go through the same test, which lets them know things like what your range-of-motion is.2

As for the other post I made, the one about driving, I told my parents about it. Both were genuinely shocked. I guess when you try to get out of driving for fifteen years, people don’t expect you to want to drive. It was never that I didn’t like driving. I don’t like being in a car, in general. I don’t trust other people when they drive. But I need to have more control over my life and driving will give me that.

For the past few weeks and months, I’ve felt like I’ve been waking up out of this decade-long state I’ve been in where I thought that my life was essentially never going to get better. And I may feel that way again, but while I’m feeling like this, I want to get as much good stuff done. Maybe that way, if the bad comes back, it won’t be around as long.

Now, I need to go make a grocery list because my mom3 wants me to do the shopping again tomorrow. I don’t mind. I actually kind of enjoy it. I think that may be part of the whole waking up thing, too.

Oh, and in case you haven’t read elsewhere, I’m actually starting to have some positive level of self-esteem. I actually don’t think I’m a shitty person most of the time anymore. And I’m getting better at recognizing the negative thoughts and behaviors before I do them. I’m also going to try to stop getting in as many arguments online because I know that those aren’t good for me.

  1. Thanks to the wonderful people at Facebook for enabling me to find her full name so that when I file the complaint, I won’t just be using some nickname for her. 

  2. That part is actually a little fun because some of my joints actually feel better when I get to stretch them. I know that the more I stretch them, the more unstable they will be, but sometimes it almost feels worth it. 

  3. She got her cast off a few weeks early, after it slipped out of the cast the other night. The doctor who made the decision isn’t the one who did the surgery. The surgeon wants her to come back in ASAP and possibly get it back in a cast. The surgeon is also cancelling the physical therapy that the other doctor scheduled. This has made mom a lot more whiny about her arm, though. 

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