How Do You Even… 1

It’s been a week since the appointment where I asked for a referral to pool therapy. It’s been a week since two doctors said that that was a great idea. It’s been a week since Dottie said she would do it.

Guess what?!

It still hasn’t been done.

I called UAB this afternoon to ask about the status and was told that Dottie still hadn’t done it. I was also told that she wasn’t in today. I asked if there was anyone else there that could do this. I know that they have 2 people whose jobs are to make referrals.1 I was told that only Dottie could do my referral.2

If this were my first issue with Dottie, then I wouldn’t be so aggravated. It isn’t. Dottie is the wonderful human being that decided that she didn’t have time to find a gastroenterologist to do a colonoscopy who accepted my insurance, so she, first, half-assed her job & referred me to a doctor that I had seen before that I refused to go back to3, and, when I pointed out that I couldn’t see that doctor, she had me look for doctors who accepted both insurances and call her back with their names. She also went into a spiel that day about how I couldn’t just expect to have a colonoscopy done and that they may not even want to see me.4 The doctor I found was awesome and he did end up doing the test. He also gave me an actual reason for why I’ll be anemic.5

That was kind of a bigger issue than this current one. I was trying to find an answer to a potentially fatal issue then. Now I’m just trying to strengthen my body and, maybe, lose some weight while I’m at it.6

I’ve also had to wait for over an hour on her to do a referral before–while she did everything but work.7 That was a referral that just required that she call another office and get a date, then print out that date on a slip of paper that I would take with me. It’s something that would take any other person less than five minutes to do. And she still tried to get out of doing it.

And she’s done this same sort of thing with my mom and my dad. I’ve heard other patients complain about her lack of concern for doing her job, too.

How the hell does this woman even keep her job if she doesn’t actually do it? Wouldn’t most people be fired for this sort of shit?

  1. Of the two, I’ve always favored the other person. She wouldn’t have put it off for a week. She would’ve done it before I left the office, unless it was after-hours. If it had been after-hours, she would have done it the next day. With her, I’ve never had to wait. The same can’t be said about Dottie. 

  2. Bullshit. 

  3. This was the doctor who decided that I could have Celiac because I “looked Irish”. This was the extent of his concern for why I was losing iron, B12, and D. 

  4. When a person has been losing iron for, at that point, at least two years, and no other lab results have found the cause, most GI doctors will be okay with the test. 

  5. My bariatric surgeon cut the duodenum at the wrong spot and, as a result, I will never be able to absorb oral iron again. 

  6. That’s the hope, at least. 

  7. Again, this isn’t unusual for her. Anytime I’ve walked past the nurses’ station, she’s been playing games, gossiping, or having loud arguments with other staff members. 

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