Nice to Know Where Your Mind Was At 1

It’s nice to know where your mind was at on that one, Aunt Phyllis.

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I re-posted this quote on Facebook and Aunt Phyllis, Dadada’s1 sister responded to it. Notice that the quote says absolutely nothing about politics. It doesn’t say anything about how race or politics are connected. It just says that we’ve allowed racism to become normalized. This could refer to things like immigration or the racial disparities in the criminal justice system or how despite desegregation policies, schools are still pretty much divided along race lines or to voter suppression laws that get approved because they “sound right” to people. It doesn’t mean that people2 who disagree with a particular politician3 are racist because they disagree with him.4 It just means that we have a culture where we don’t challenge bigotry.

Now, as for the hatred of liberals, it’s good to know that she feels that way since I’m a liberal. It’s nice to be told, in a backhanded sort of way, that your own aunt doesn’t really like you.5 I already had figured that little tidbit out because of the whole “Aunt” Judy birthday hate where a birthday greeting turned negative and how Phyllis ripped on Heather for defending me against Judy’s comments. This kind of post isn’t all that unexpected. It’s just a typical Morris family thing.

  1. The bad grandfather. 

  2. Republicans 

  3. Obama 

  4. Some are. 

  5. Thumbs up for that one. 

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