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x-ray of my hand from July 25, 2014
On Wednesday, at around 1:40 AM, I was walking into the kitchen. I went to take a step and my ankle started to turn inward. I tried to stop the fall1 and that failed splendidly.2 I ended up hitting my face on a chair, while my arms and legs hit the floor. It was not a pleasant experience, but it wasn’t the worst fall I’ve ever had. It’s not even the most embarrassing one I’ve ever had. I have bruises on my left ankle, right knee, and both wrists. I also have a scrape and another bruise up near my right elbow. The ankle injury makes it difficult to walk. The knee makes it difficult to try to sit down on the couch. My wrist pain makes it difficult to hold pretty much anything, especially in my right hand. I still do those things somewhat because I’m a trooper.3 And because it’s kind of hard to live my life4 if I’m sitting completely still and doing nothing. Anyway…at first, it seemed like the worst injury was my ankle. My mom is still convinced that it is. When I went to the doctor yesterday, the doctors seemed to think that my right wrist was the worst.5 They’re pretty sure that everything is just bruised, contused6 and sprained. If the pain doesn’t ease up in the next two weeks or gets worse, I’m supposed to go back. Otherwise, they’ll check it again in October when I go in for my regularly scheduled checkup. Not always a smart idea, ↩Told you. ↩Or a masochist. ↩Haha. Yeah, I went there. ↩The whole reason I went yesterday was that my mother thought my ankle was broken. ↩Yes, that’s a word. ↩

Your Right Hand Shall Not Inflict Injury on Your Left ...

“A new poll from Gallup shows that 63% of Americans say the country would be better governed with more female political leaders, which is up slightly from 57% in past polls in 1995 and 2000. But not everyone feels this way: While 78% of liberals as well as 78% of unmarried women think we need more female political leaders, only 46% of Republicans feel that having more women in office would result in better government, and almost one in five (19%) feel it would be worse.” – Most Americans Think The U.S. Would Be Better Governed If More Women Were In Charge (via fandomsandfeminism) via Tumblr

It’s nice to know where your mind was at on that one, Aunt Phyllis. via Tumblr I re-posted this quote on Facebook and Aunt Phyllis, Dadada’s1 sister responded to it. Notice that the quote says absolutely nothing about politics. It doesn’t say anything about how race or politics are connected. It just says that we’ve allowed racism to become normalized. This could refer to things like immigration or the racial disparities in the criminal justice system or how despite desegregation policies, schools are still pretty much divided along race lines or to voter suppression laws that get approved because they “sound right” to people. It doesn’t mean that people2 who disagree with a particular politician3 are racist because they disagree with him.4 It just means that we have a culture where we don’t challenge bigotry. Now, as for the hatred of liberals, it’s good to know that she feels that way since I’m a liberal. It’s nice to be told, in a backhanded sort of way, that your own aunt doesn’t really like you.5 I already had figured that little tidbit out because of the whole “Aunt” Judy birthday hate where a birthday greeting turned negative and how Phyllis ripped on Heather for defending me against Judy’s comments. This kind of post isn’t all that unexpected. It’s just a typical Morris family thing. The bad grandfather. ↩Republicans ↩Obama ↩Some are. ↩Thumbs up for that one. ↩

Nice to Know Where Your Mind Was At