Men who complain about the “friendzone” don’t know what friendship is. For the record, friendship is when you care about another person’s well-being. The end. And the only thing your friend owes you is to care about your well-being in return.

Friendship isn’t biding your time until your “friend” trusts you enough to accept your penis. That’s manipulation, and don’t be surprised when the woman you are trying to manipulate takes offense when she realizes that you were being nice to her not because you care about her well being, but because you wanted to bang her.

This isn’t to say friendship can’t turn into sex or a relationship. When you care about someone, it’s natural to see him in the best light. You might one day find you’re attracted to your friend even though you weren’t when you met, because now you know him and you like what you’ve come to know. This happens. But it only happens for people who actually are friends. Which means opening yourself up to women as people with something to offer other than sex. Which means not using “friendship” as a tactic to get laid.

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