Ketchup? Mustard? The blood of my enemies? 1

Ketchup? Mustard? The blood of my enemies?

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You don’t even know my name but you’re going to ask me if I squirt?!

Oh, hell no.

If I thought that the guy asking about rough sex was being forward1 after 3 minutes, he had nothing on this guy. This was the first thing he said to me. And my first reaction to it? Block this dude. Well, okay, I took the capture of it first.2 How does anyone sit there and think that this sort of question is appropriate? Sure, if you’ve established some sort of actual relationship or an agreement to have sex, maybe you ask this. But this kind of question is not okay to ask anyone right off the bat.

  1. And he was. 

  2. Because I wanted to say the “Ketchup? Mustard? The blood of my enemies?” about his question, but didn’t want to say anything to him. Ever. 

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  • VampAmber

    I hate to have to tell you this, hun. But at least 85% of the people on those “dating” websites couldn’t care less about finding a person to date, and are only there to get laid with as little effort as possible. Just block anybody who bring up sex immediately, and you’ll be good. That’s what I always did. Some of them are actually interested in finding a companion, so don’t give up completely, but most of them are just hoping that since you’re desperate enough to use a dating site, that means you’re desperate for any kind of attention thrown your way ever. Let them say their disgusting crap, then block them and report them if they get too graphic (I think that’s in the rules, you might wanna read through that section just in case though). As crappy as those places are, though, I do wish you good luck. I got one of my better boyfriends through one (Stephen, if you ever remember me mentioning him). If you consider yourself enough of a geek, the geek-themed dating sites are usually better about people looking for anything other than sex. *hugs* Or if all else fails, you can come visit Dayton. I have loads of single male friends who would love a woman with a brain. Some of them are even old enough to drink! Heh heh heh…

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