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okcgoldmine vs creepshots: stewardish: stewardish: A comparison of two tumblr blogs: creepshots and okcgoldmine. —okcgoldmine: re-posts photos of men; photos were taken with men’s permission and posted personally by the men on a public web page —creepshots: posts photos of women taken without the women’s knowledge or consent. —okcgoldmine: has no ads —creepshots: has ads —okcgoldmine: uses tags that come directly from the words written by the men and posted by them at okcupid. Examples: jack of all trades, devil’s advocate, men’s rights, everything but rap. —creepshots: typical tags are: upskirt, phat, booty, hungryass, boobs. —okcgoldmine: sometimes adds humorous text, such as “Boy you must be the sun because you need to stay 93 million miles away from me.” But most posts have text written by the men themselves and posted by them on a public web page. (x) —creepshots: adds text such as “I caught these two mamacitas suntanning with their asses out while enjoying a Carribean cruise in Dec. 2009. They were totally asleep and unaware of my camera work. They may possibly be the hottest daughter-mother pair I’ve ever seen in one shot.” I would have to agree. I don’t think I can easily choose who has the better ass. Very nice creep work.—creepshots editor (x) —okcgoldmine: taken down by tumblr in May, 2013 —creepshots: just fine with tumblr. jfc it’s all in fun u need to get a sense of humor. reblogging because 7 months later creepshots on tumblr is still up and okcgoldmine is still down. summary: poking fun at men: TUMBLR TAKES DOWN YOUR BLOG posting photos of women without their consent and calling them sluts: THAT’S OK WITH TUMBLR via Tumblr

okcgoldmine vs creepshots

musingsofanawkwardblackgirl: One of my followers (I am assuming you follow me) asked me: “Why does rape happen?” Considering that I am passionate about the topic and I am pretty knowledgeable in regards to the topic, I thought maybe instead of just giving a very basic answer, I could explain it. Firstly, I would like to say that’s an EXTREMELY loaded question, so I am going to throw the thesis out there for people who don’t want to read a long post: Rape Happens because people have a false sense of entitlement, and/or insecurities thus causing them to attempt to overpower another person. Now onto explaining that thesis… Firstly before we even get into rape we have to announce what rape is, according to Pandora’s Project: The exact definition of “rape” differs from state-to-state within the U.S. and by country internationally.  In the US, it is often called “criminal sexual conduct in the first degree”.  Generally, rape is defined as sexual contact or penetration achieved: without consent, or with use of physical force, coercion, deception, threat, and/or when the victim is: mentally incapacitated or impaired, physically impaired (due to voluntary or involuntary alcohol or drug consumption) asleep or unconscious. Next we have to go into the different TYPES of rape. According to Nicholas Groth‘s theory, there are three different types of rapes/rapist (It is argued that there are more, but for simplicity lets focus on his theory). These different rapes are classified as the: Anger Rapist, the Sadistic Rapist, and the Power rapist. Characteristics:  Anger Rapist –  Expressing and Discharging Feelings of Pent-up Anger and Rage This rapist rapes because he is angry, long story short. His rape is more likely to use physical aggression, and/or brutality. This man on average may not be an opportunist, and target the woman who is unconscious or use drugs to get to his victim (not to say this couldn’t and hasn’t happen).  This type of victim want to get his aggression out, and would be the guy who would violently attack his victim and would WANT to overpower her, with the end goal of penetrating her. It is not about sex to these men, it is about taking his anger out on someone, and using sex as a weapon. Sadistic Rapist – Fusion of Sexuality and Aggression This rapist might as well be the scariest in my opinion, mostly because this rapist finds sexual gratification in hurting his victims. This rapist is like the anger rapist, except worst.The Sadistic Rapist finds some kind of sexual thrill in tormenting their victims, they want to see your distress, they want to see your suffering, they get off to see you in pain. They have some how turned someone’s suffering into a fetish, and they rape because they are turned on by doing so.  According to Groth “The sadistic rapist is often believed to be blatantly psychotic, but these men are usually able to conceal these impulses from others. One of the disconcerting features of such offenders is that they are often quite personable—a quality they capitalize on to gain access to unsuspecting victims.” Power Rapist – Sexual Conquest Statistically, these are the most common type of rapist that you’ll come across (from what I understand). These rapist rape because they are insecure, to over compensate for whatever they are lacking. According to Groth “The offender may say that his offense was prompted by sexual gratification, but examination of his behavior shows that he didn’t pay any attention to the woman’s receptiveness. Instead, his aim is to capture, conquer and control his victim. Consensual sex is available; this is not consensual sex.” I think on average we hear about these guys more so. These men are the men drug women, or wait for the woman who is under the influence and they RAPE her when she CANNOT consent (just one common example). Now that we understand what rape is, and the three major types of rapist, I should note that it’s not just women who get raped. Everyone can be a victim of a rape or a sexual assault, however women and children on average are more likely to be targeted. If you are a woman of color, you are even more so likely to be a victim of rape. But why is that? Why is it that women, children, and women of color are more likely to be targeted? Honestly, this is just my theory but I think it has something to do with being a minority. Realistically Women, Children, and Women of Color are minority powers (Western Focus argument). These groups of people have been oppressed historically (for far too long), and due to that oppression are seen as powerless. I think it’s safe to say very few rapist rape because they want to get into legal trouble, so why not go for the victim who is least likely to get justice? Rape a women? Say she wanted it, flip the story back on her, make it seem like she wanted it (you). I think it’s fairly well known we have a terrible legal system in America, what are the chances of a female getting justice? How can she prove it? Very few women ever collect enough evidence to convince the legal system she was raped anyway. For children, just scare them. Tell them they’ll get in trouble, make them feel like they are in danger, remind them of how helpless and powerless they are. If you aim for a child young enough, they may never be able to find the word to articulate what happened (much less have enough bravery to do so). Now if you aim for a Woman of Color, you can take the woman argument and then add onto it. When you are “Colored” there are so many more factors that come into play, at least in my opinion. The legal system might care less about you considering your skin color, if you rapist was a white male on average he is more likely to get away with it (Click HERE for an […]

TW: Rape; Sexual Assault – Why does Rape Happen?

“ Men who complain about the “friendzone” don’t know what friendship is. For the record, friendship is when you care about another person’s well-being. The end. And the only thing your friend owes you is to care about your well-being in return. Friendship isn’t biding your time until your “friend” trusts you enough to accept your penis. That’s manipulation, and don’t be surprised when the woman you are trying to manipulate takes offense when she realizes that you were being nice to her not because you care about her well being, but because you wanted to bang her. This isn’t to say friendship can’t turn into sex or a relationship. When you care about someone, it’s natural to see him in the best light. You might one day find you’re attracted to your friend even though you weren’t when you met, because now you know him and you like what you’ve come to know. This happens. But it only happens for people who actually are friends. Which means opening yourself up to women as people with something to offer other than sex. Which means not using “friendship” as a tactic to get laid. ” – emfish55 via Tumblr

Also signal boosting that Scientology is a federally recognized religion by the IRS and the Hobby Lobby case could mean that a Scientologist business owner could use that to justify not paying for antidepressants or other such pharmaceuticals. Same goes for blood transfusions, chemo, pain killers, vaccines, and other medications and medical procedures that other faiths forbid! What if the CEO of the company you work for is anti-vaccination? Why have we allowed companies to regulate our health? Who can defend this? via Tumblr

Hobby Lobby Ruling & Scientology