Dear Writers: It’s Called Google

My full rant about a passage that I just read in Sharing You. I copied this from Goodreads, which has a 420 character limit for its updates, which might be why it seems a little choppy. I was doing the math and thinking about things on the fly, so some of the arguments got mixed up.

Hold up. Duloxetine is Cymbalta, not Celexa. Celexa is Citalopram. I’ve taken both. Neither drug is a narcotic. Neither is particularly lethal when it comes to overdosing. Overdoses of up to 6000mg of Celexa have been reported, with fatalities rarely happening. Initial dose is 20mg/day. Max daily dose for it is 60mg, so (at that dose) she would have ingested 400-1560mg. It could kill her, but it isn’t likely.

And Cymbalta’s daily dose is usu. 40-60mg after working up to that level. Some people take 120mg with it. To reach that, the pt would need 4 30mg pills/day. She only had a max of 26 pills. That would put her at 520-780mg. Acute overdoses with fatalities can happen with 1000mg or higher being ingested, but that usually involves other meds being mixed in. Finally, a person can have mood swings without being bipolar.

In other words, this OD doesn’t sound plausible.

I’m annoyed when writers decide to use a particular mental illness in a story, but fail to do adequate research on that disorder, how it’s treated, and complications that can result from the disorder and it’s treatment. It’s not that difficult. Google can be your friend.

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