Daily Archives: July 11, 2014

With a closing sentence like that and pictures of these particular1 gingers, I’m anticipating fanfic. Do not disappoint me, internet. via Tumblr & Buzzfeed2 Damian Lewis and Karen Gillan if you aren’t familiar with them. ↩The post was about a “scientist” claiming that gingers were going to go extinct because of global warming, or as I like to call it ginger-phobic bullshit. ↩

I’m anticipating fanfic.

via Instagram I was so exhausted that whole summer. Of course, I was so anemic that whole summer. If I had tried to have caffeine1 that summer, it probably would have killed me fairly quickly. When I’m not super-sick, it’s dangerous and potentially deadly. That summer? Yeah, that summer, it wouldn’t have just been potentially deadly. I have an allergic reaction to it that involves cardiac symptoms. ↩

Timehop: If I Could Have Caffeine