Anonymous Letters from Neighbors






Don’t know if you guys have seen this. If you go to the fb page this is from, you’ll have to scroll down to find the OP.

Pretty sure this shit doesn’t happen to thin people.

Oh holy hell. I would take that note and knock on every fucking neighbors door and ask DID YOU WRITE THIS? =D

Can we also mention the fact that this person is in their own fucking backyard? How about you don’t fucking look out your window into THEIR YARD? Creepy as fuck.

Fat people can’t win. You don’t work out, you’re a lazy fatty who isn’t concerned about their health. You do work out, you’re a public eyesore that no body wants to be forced to look at.

If I were the receiver of this note, I would remain my backyard work out, only naked.

People are such shitheads.

Some of the comments on FB suggested doing that. Others recommended telling the Postmaster General about it, since it’s illegal.

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