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Rusty Nailed
Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m having a hard time deciding on a rating for this book. Yes, it was great and wonderful and funny, which should mean that I give it an automatic five stars, but I’m not sure if it deserves it. It was a pretty quick read, except that I didn’t feel like reading it all in one setting–different from how I felt about Wallbanger.

My first issue, which you may have already guessed, was the book length. It was a bit shorter than I hoped. I, like the lovely miss Caroline, felt rushed and overwhelmed by everything that was going on and how quickly it was happening. I don’t like when what should be a light-hearted book has overwhelming feeling.

I also don’t like when it feels like a book is merely an outline of what it is supposed to be, which is one of the things that I was feeling toward the end of it. I wish that the next two installments in the series were devoted to Simon and Caroline, since I feel that there were some issues with their story that weren’t developed enough. At the very least, it would be nice if the other two stories were about Mimi or Sophia and their beaus, because I feel like readers have more involved in those stories than they might have in the ones with the new characters. That’s not the direction she went in, though, and it’s her series, so I’ll deal.

And, like I said, it was funny, but it wasn’t as funny as Wallbanger. That book had me snorting and laughing and giggling all over the place. While this book was funny, it wasn’t that kind of funny. And I only gave that book four stars when I read it, so the lack of massive amounts of hilarity should have me giving this book a four or less.

There were also some editing issues. I don’t know whether to fault the author or her editor on this. For example, when describing Simon pulling up her pink nightie, she said that he had it up to her shin. I’m pretty sure that a nightie doesn’t reach one’s shin, especially if that same nightie was short enough for him to see her panties underneath it. I’m pretty sure that chin was what she meant, but it said shin and I couldn’t help but feel like someone really missed the ball on that one.

Overall, it was a cute and sweet story, but it just lacked something, so I’m downgrading it to a four. I shouldn’t feel bad about that, but I do. I really wanted this book to be worthy of a five star rating, but it really wasn’t. Maybe the next two books will be. I hope they are because I really adore the way that Alice Clayton tells a story.

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