Rushed to My Fingers Like a Blood Clot

My mom had a blood clot in her broken arm. That’s why I didn’t post on here for a while. She’s okay now, but has to take Coumadin for three months. Today she found out that she can go off of the shots that they had her taking to prevent future clots.

The clot wasn’t caused by her pre-existing health issues. Oddly enough, it was caused by the break itself. It freaked us all out and led to her being in the hospital for two nights. It also led to her surgery being bumped from the 25th to the 23rd.

She found out about the clot when my dad took her to the ER on the 23rd. She had been complaining for a couple of days that her arm was swelling and that this was causing her splint to not fit properly.1 Dad thought that that meant the swelling had gone down, but mom didn’t. She called the on-call Humana nurse, who said she might want to go to the ER, but it might not be necessary. Mom decided to call her orthopedist and see what he said. He suggested to do something2 and if the situation didn’t change for her to go to the ER to get the splint situation fixed.

Well, the situation didn’t change.

Actually, that’s not completely true. It did change.

It got worse.

The splint came off on its own3 after they got to the ER.4 She explained what was going on to the people there and they had her (and dad) go sit in the waiting room. I figured that they would be home by midnight.5 They weren’t. They weren’t home an hour later and they hadn’t called. This was when I started freaking out. I don’t have my father’s cell phone number memorized, so I was checking to see if it was written anywhere or on any paperwork. It wasn’t listed on any of the recent numbers on Caller ID. I finally found it on my dad’s lab work orders that were next to his computer. At 1:41 AM, they were still in the waiting room. They were taken back a little while after that. Mom was assigned to a bed in the hall of the ER. Once they found out that it was a clot issue and not a splint issue, though, she got upgraded to waiting to be admitted to the orthopedic surgery unit. Dad came home before she got admitted.6 She had her surgery on Monday and came home Tuesday.

The first few days she couldn’t do much of anything, but she’s doing better. She’s also a lot nicer about everything. I’m guessing that the pain is lessening because that pain can make her (or anyone) really moody.

  1. It looked like it had swallowed her forearm and hand completely. 

  2. can’t remember what it was 

  3. because the swelling was worsening rather quickly at this point 

  4. after 7 PM on the 22nd 

  5. So did they. 

  6. She told him to. 

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