Update 2 on Silencing Dissent






Update for this post: It took a while for him to respond, but he eventually did. When are people going to realize that past revelations within the church seem to happen at pretty coincidental times?

Once again feminists using third world incidents for their first world bullshit. Take your asses over to India, Iraq, Kuwait, and more. Go fight over there; that’s where your silly ass movement is actually needed.

What the fuck are you even talking about? This had no mention of third world events. It’s discussing the rights to access the priesthood within the context of a particular religion.


No rebuttal? Please.

My rebuttal as usual is “dyke”

Ah. Yes. I support women having access to priesthood in a religion I grew up around and eventually joined, so this makes me a dyke. Way to combine a lack of information about the topic at hand with some sexism and homophobia. Thumbs up. Stellar job. Maybe next time you could call me a baby killer or some other stereotype you have about women who don’t believe that they should be subjugated because of their sex/gender.

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