Help Spencer Move To Accessible Studio :


I am making a new post for this because the situation is getting dire and I really need help.

Our landlords are currently harassing us, threatening us, and constantly calling our house about bills and rent and we know we are going to be kicked out sooner rather than later. And I am terrified. 

My (abusive) father wants to drag us all to Florida because he “hates the cold”.

I cannot move to a tropical environment with my illnesses. I have Adult Onset Still’s Disease, RA, and fibro. And a SLEW of mental illnesses. I have trouble getting work because I am denied the moment people see I use mobility aids. 

I am trying, so hard, to get my life together here. I am in class to become a certified rape/domestic violence counselor. I want to stay here and let this grow, grow in the organization, and while I do so find a solid job. But, like most sick/disabled people, I am running on minimal luck and minimal resources.

In short, I am queer, I am disabled, I am ill, and I am trying my fucking hardest to get onto my feet but I need the help to get there. I want to make a difference in this community, but I can’t do that if I am dragged against my will to a state that wont be healthy for me OR accepting of my gender identity. 

If you can’t help, It’s okay! But please, please try to get this around. I have 60 days MAYBE. There are reward levels if that is at all tempting.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you.

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