Fuck You, Monday 2

Mom fell really early this morning and broke both bones in her left forearm. This led to the required middle-of-the-night ER visit, which meant I got to stay at home alone1 in the dark, which is one of my least favorite things to do. Amy was whining and howling and crying, so I didn’t get to sleep until about 20 minutes before they got home–four hours later. Mom’s got an appointment to go see her orthopedist tomorrow to find out if she will need surgery.

I was going to post yesterday about how I was going to go see the doctor today to get the referral for pool therapy. That didn’t happen, though, because my appointment was at 9 AM and no one really felt up to going to it.2 And I may not be able to go anyway because my mom was going to help me make a swimsuit and, with her arm out of commission, that won’t be happening, so…no therapy for me.

And there’s my dad, who had a psychiatrist visit today and will now be on an increased dose of one of his medicines, which might help control his anger. Of course, his anger is worse than usual today because he didn’t get much sleep last night and so he’s taking that out on anyone who listens. And I’ll always listen when I shouldn’t.

Then, of course, I made the mistake last night that led to the great comment shaming incident that’s led to quite a few3 nasty emails and comments thrown my way. And, if I point out how lousy that’s making me feel, then I’m sure that will make things even worse because I’m sure that will lead to drama queen remarks and all sorts of shit.

And, really, I’m just sick of everyone and everything right now, so I really want to be left alone. Actually, I really want to do something I’ll regret later, but I’m trying not to because I know that that would be a bad decision. So, instead of doing something like that, I’m sitting here, crying and feeling shitty.

  1. I did have Amy, so I wasn’t completely alone. 

  2. Don’t worry, they got called. I don’t know if the appointment was rescheduled. Probably not, though. 

  3. 31, as of this post. 

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