Daily Archives: June 13, 2014

Today, when I looked in the mirror, I noticed that my skin is lighter than it normally is, which is not a good sign. I also noticed that the underside of my eyelids are pale and that my nails are looking less than stellar. I think my appointment for hematology labs is in less than a month and to see the nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant is almost exactly a month away. I may be off about the dates by a few days, but it’s not so long that I should have to schedule an emergency appointment to get checked out. I feel like, if it is the anemia acting up, I should have noticed this sooner. I mean, I should be more aware of the symptoms by now, right? Two years of doing this should have me pretty well educated of what to look for. Maybe it’s just that my latest period has wasted some of my blood supply. But, since the last infusions were about 7 months ago, I’m worried that that iron supply is getting on the low end. Of course, it could be an issue of my blood just not being formed properly because of all those months without the B-12 injections. And I could just be freaking out over nothing. Basically, I’m having a big worry-a-thon right now. Anxiety is fun. Anxiety over health stuff is even more fun. I just need to stop worrying and relax, but that’s really easier said than done.

Sometimes the Silence Guides Our Minds

thebadmormonhandbook: antodav: And if you do so, you can expect to suffer the same fate as them eventually.  #Apostate stupidity Excuse me, but no. It is okay to ask questions. It is okay to point out unfairness. It is okay to point out discrimination. It’s healthy to do these things. Asking questions, making things more fair, and eliminating discrimination are not things that lessen faith. They strengthen it. via Tumblr