Nicolle Wallace Doesn’t Get Poverty

When Bill Maher asked her if she would like having to survive on $800/week, she scoffed and complained about how she lives in Manhattan and that would be impossible. Is she really that unaware of what it means to be poor in this country? Is she unaware that there are people who live in Manhattan who are considered impoverished? The poverty rate in New York City was 21.2% for the whole city in 2012. Manhattan’s poverty rate was 18.3% that year. And the lucky amount to qualify as being impoverished there is $23,314 for a family of four. That means that a family of four is considered impoverished if they make less than $448.35 per week. Not only can people survive on $800 per week while living in Manhattan, they are forced to survive on even less than that every single day. I don’t know why she thinks that’s such an unfathomable thing, except that maybe she’s never been poor.1

  1. Or she lacks empathy. 

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