Variety: Have you experienced sexism in Hollywood?

Variety: Have you experienced sexism in Hollywood? How have you handled it?

Rossum: I can’t tell you how many producers have made wink-and-nudge overtures at me. I’ve just been, Is this happening right now? Do they think that’s going to work? I may use bad language, but I know who I am, and I know what I’m willing to do to get a part, and it’s not that. I think that’s really hard for people who are here without a support group, without a family.

Maslany: For me it’s about the parts that are out there. I think it’s changing. That’s where I feel the sexism the most. The stories that we tell are male stories and often male-centric and the women are accessories, but it is changing. It’s changing so rapidly.

Rossum: TV is changing that.

Maslany: Absolutely. Like “Orange Is the New Black,” it’s all women. Our voices are getting louder. People are realizing that our stories are just as universal and just as relatable as male stories.

Rossum: And that there is a huge female audience out there that is hungry for female stories, and we are seeing that more and more.

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