Donating the Extra Security Money to Men’s Charities #NoMRA 1

Why aren’t MRAs demanding that the 30K raised by @AVoiceforMen be invested in a men’s shelter? #NoMRA 

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Auragasmic had a good question about the extra money raised for the security costs for the International Conference on Men’s Issues: Why doesn’t A Voice for Men actually donate the excess money to men’s causes and charities? They’re saying now that they can’t because people didn’t donate it for them to use in that way. They already had it earmarked for extra security or for next year’s conference. To me, it seems like they could have planned to donate it ahead of time, instead of earmarking it for a future conference that they may or may not have. This is their first conference and, even if it is successful, they have no real guarantee that they will be able to host or plan a conference next year. What happens to the money if that’s the case?

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