Tumblr’s Kill All Men Tag – Part 2

On the first 2 pages of Most Popular Kill All Men posts, there were:

  • 3 posts by people identifying as being feminists or misandrists.
  • 10 posts by people identifying as non-feminists 
  • The posts by feminists received 4818 notes
  • The posts by non-feminists received 16107 notes

The most recent posts part of the search feature mainly showed people complaining about the tag, which means they’re still using the tag.Every time that the tag gets used, you increase the likelihood that it will stay a popular tag on the website.

My advice to people complaining about the tag or who find it abhorrent or who want it to drop in popularity, don’t use the fucking tag. Don’t refer to it by that name. It’s really simple, guys. You can complain about it, but tagging ends up increasing its popularity.

via Tumblr

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