What a fabulous way to start the week: misigynists on Twitter are trying to degrade the severity of last weekend’s massacre and twitter movement #YesAllWomen by posting pretentious things under the hash tag #YesAllCats. I’m actually really pissed off about this….like 6 people died last week and you’re (already) joking about it and dismissing/degrading the experiences of others who are victims of abuse and harassment? What the fuck.

1. The yes all cats tag is fucking hilarious. This is coming from a woman.

2. Humor is humanity’s way of coping with terrible things. Doesn’t mean we’re trying to make light of them or be distespectful.

3. While they may have been made with good intentions, some of the yes all women posts actually do sound like that.

4. YOU’RE the ones trying to use the deaths of multiple people to further your agenda. This isn’t the first time, either.

– Phoenix

In general, humor is a great coping strategy, but I do take issue with the people who are using this as an opportunity to mock persons with PTSD, who have been abused, who have been raped, etc. Is it really ever right to make fun of people who have been traumatized?

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