On Tuesdays, We Wear Stickers

As I mentioned earlier, I voted in the Primary today. Yay. It was a load of fun.1 And, of course, the reward for voting is always the sticker. They haven’t changed the design of the stickers over the course of my life, so there’s not really anything exciting about that. Well, except when you have to figure out where you can stick them. That is always the fun part because I didn’t really want to throw it away.2

Anyway. Remember how I mentioned that this was the only time of the election process where someone I vote for might win? They didn’t. Not shocking. Well, Parker Griffith winning his race was. Admittedly the person running against him hadn’t advertised, but I thought that surely no one would vote for the man after he was elected to Congress as a Democrat, switched parties halfway through his first term, didn’t get reelected, and changed back to the Democratic party to run for Governor. If ever there has been a politician who has waffled, it is this man. I’ll still end up voting for him in November because even with his changing of parties and inherent lack of trust that I have toward the man, he is still a better choice than another four years of Bentley.

What else?

Oh, I haven’t been accused of any forms of terrorism or bigotry today. There’s still less than an hour left in my Time Zone, though, so I guess that there’s still time. Funnily enough, the actual terrorism claim that they made against feminists in general3 looks a little strange now that the Detroit Police have said that they were never contacted about those threats. One would think that if they were actually concerned about terrorism,4 that they would have explained why they needed that extra security. But, they haven’t. And, to me, that’s weird. Also, since the MRM has been behind past bogus allegations of serious crimes5, I wonder if maybe the threats that the hotel has received might be from them. It makes as much sense as anything.

I had some other stuff I wanted to blog about, but I think I’ll call it a night instead.

  1. Not really. 

  2. Knowing my luck, if I threw the damn thing away, I would be called un-American. 

  3. They confuse the terms movement and organization because they think that all feminists belong to the same organization. Poor babies. 

  4. Fort Shelby owner Emmett Moten said he wasn’t aware of the conference or threats, but said it’s not unusual for hotels to require additional security.

    Officer Adam Madera, a Detroit police spokesman, confirmed hotel officials recently contacted the department about hiring off-duty officers who work in the Secondary Employment program. The program was established by the city in 2011 and allows uniformed off-duty officers to moonlight as security guards. – From The Detroit News 

  5. When he’s accused of being overly paranoid for recommending that men secretly record phone conversations with anyone they are likely to have sex with, he turns around and talks about the time he fended off a mob of 20-30 feminists wielding box cutters. When his critics say he hates women, he points to the time he protected the identity of a woman who was threatened with violence by “self-identified feminists” merely for offering to debate the merits of feminism.

    Take the first yarn, about the box cutters. Vancouver police records show that there was indeed an altercation in Spetember of 2012 between Hembling and others seeking to tear down men’s rights posters. However, according to the police, Hembling was arguing with two or three people, not being accosted by a “mob” of any size. When questioned by the authorities, neither Hembling nor witnesses mentioned seeing any weapons. Furthermore, police state that Hembling had the right to put up posters where the altercation took place, and no mention of an arrest threat is made.

    Curiously enough, Hembling actually videotaped the events and had his AV4M Radio partner Karen Straughan post it online. The discussion with the police has been conveniently edited out, but the rest of the video clearly matches police records and not Hembling’s story. There are only a few young men taking down Hembling’s posters, and the video shows them choosing to ignore him except when he engages them in conversation. One of the men is seen using a box cutter to take down the flyers, but at no time does he use it as a weapon, raise his voice, or threaten Hembling in any way. From The Daily Beast 

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