My Baby Isn’t Spoiled

Amy prefers drinking ice water from a cup over water from a bowl. (Even if ice is in the bowl.) She can be on the floor next to her bowl & she will climb her ramp up to get some water from a cup. She isn’t spoiled, she just prefers to drink water the way her people do. This doesn’t make her spoiled. That we let her is what makes her spoiled.1 I have no delusions over who my boss in life is. She may not be tall, but she is not afraid to demand things that she wants.

Of course, she isn’t as “bad” as two chihuahuas that my dad and I saw the other day. They were out walking with their owner and there was this huge Hummer that had just parked in front of a house. The dogs honestly looked like they were challenging the Hummer to a fight. It was like, “You wanna go?” Seriously, I would not be surprised if those two chihuahuas tried to take out that Hummer’s tires.

See, Amy’s demand of ice water and pillow forts really doesn’t seem so extreme now. At least she doesn’t try to challenge a fucking Hummer.2((BTW – Chrome has issues with the word “Instagram”, but nothing popped up for porn-y. Way to go, Google.))

  1. This is like the Cordelia Chase theory on buying things “not because it’s the most expensive but because it costs more” and I think Amy would be cool applying it to her life. 

  2. Somehow I know I will end up with lots of porn-y visitors for saying that. 

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