Prompts: Rock ‘N Roll Ask

66: Mod or Teddy Boy?
67: Are you very picky with your music taste, or are you very open?
68: Hippie or Punk?
69: Views on record companies?
70: I know this might be long, but list what rock stars you’re in love with please.
71: Thoughts on MTV?
72: Popular band that you cannot stand?
73: Who do you gravitate to most? Guitarists? Drummers? Bassists? Singers? That one guy on keyboard?
74: Top 5 bands. List ’em.
75: Top 5 solo artists. Tell us.
76: Which rock star(s) do you think is(are) rightfully rock gods?
77: Which rock star do you think you have the best chance with?
78: Vinyl, cassette, CD, radio or iPod?
79: Which band was your gateway band (introduced you to rock n’ roll)?
80: What decade do you think had the best music?
81: If you could be one rock star, which one and why?
82: Are there any bands you REALLY wanna get into?
83: What band are you currently in love with? Do you know why?
84: Is there a rock star you honestly can’t stand? Mind tellin’ us who? And why?
85: PUT THREE ROCK STARS IN MY ASK BOX, and I’ll tell you which one I’d get hitched to, get high with, and break their heart.
86: Have you ever dressed up as a rock star? Which one(s)?
87: Come on, what are your guilty pleasures? Tell us what bands you’re embarrassed to listen to.
88: Do you think rock n’ roll went downhill? If so, what year did it fall or what do you think caused it?
89: Which guitarists are the best? List your top 8.
90: ______________[insert band] sounds the best when you’re ___________________.
91: What band do you think is overrated?
92: What band do you think is underrated?
93: Time to confess: Which popular rock star scares the shit outta you?
94: Mod or Teddy Boy?
95: We know you have one. Which dead rock n’ roller do you miss most?
96: Name a band where you LOVE the music, but hate the members.
97: Name a band where you HATE the music, but love the members.
98: Who’s an artists or band that you DON’T like, but still respect?
99: What’s rock n’ roll all about?
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