No Doubt That Girls Are In Trouble

I thought that pretty much this whole page was worth paying attention to. If you’re having trouble reading the writing in the image, it says:

While there’s no doubt that girls are in trouble–they’re being targeted by a movement that’s hell-bent on making sure they stay in “their place”–young women aren’t putting themselves in danger. The people around them are doing the real damage.

Who? you might wonder. The abstinence teacher who tells her students that they’ll go to jail if they have premarital sex. The well-funded organization that tells girls on college campuses that they should be looking for a husband, not taking women’s studies classes. The judge who rules against a rape survivor because she didn’t meet whatever standard for a victim he had in mind. The legislator who pushes a bill to limit young women’s access to abortion because he doesn’t think they’re smart enough to make their own decisions. These are the people who are making the world a worse place–and a more dangerous one, at that–for girls and young women. We’re just doing our best to live in it.

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