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66: Mod or Teddy Boy? 67: Are you very picky with your music taste, or are you very open? 68: Hippie or Punk? 69: Views on record companies? 70: I know this might be long, but list what rock stars you’re in love with please. 71: Thoughts on MTV? 72: Popular band that you cannot stand? 73: Who do you gravitate to most? Guitarists? Drummers? Bassists? Singers? That one guy on keyboard? 74: Top 5 bands. List ’em. 75: Top 5 solo artists. Tell us. 76: Which rock star(s) do you think is(are) rightfully rock gods? 77: Which rock star do you think you have the best chance with? 78: Vinyl, cassette, CD, radio or iPod? 79: Which band was your gateway band (introduced you to rock n’ roll)? 80: What decade do you think had the best music? 81: If you could be one rock star, which one and why? 82: Are there any bands you REALLY wanna get into? 83: What band are you currently in love with? Do you know why? 84: Is there a rock star you honestly can’t stand? Mind tellin’ us who? And why? 85: PUT THREE ROCK STARS IN MY ASK BOX, and I’ll tell you which one I’d get hitched to, get high with, and break their heart. 86: Have you ever dressed up as a rock star? Which one(s)? 87: Come on, what are your guilty pleasures? Tell us what bands you’re embarrassed to listen to. 88: Do you think rock n’ roll went downhill? If so, what year did it fall or what do you think caused it? 89: Which guitarists are the best? List your top 8. 90: ______________[insert band] sounds the best when you’re ___________________. 91: What band do you think is overrated? 92: What band do you think is underrated? 93: Time to confess: Which popular rock star scares the shit outta you? 94: Mod or Teddy Boy? 95: We know you have one. Which dead rock n’ roller do you miss most? 96: Name a band where you LOVE the music, but hate the members. 97: Name a band where you HATE the music, but love the members. 98: Who’s an artists or band that you DON’T like, but still respect? 99: What’s rock n’ roll all about? via Tumblr http://ift.tt/1nQIme9

Prompts: Rock ‘N Roll Ask

via Instagram I thought that pretty much this whole page was worth paying attention to. If you’re having trouble reading the writing in the image, it says: While there’s no doubt that girls are in trouble–they’re being targeted by a movement that’s hell-bent on making sure they stay in “their place”–young women aren’t putting themselves in danger. The people around them are doing the real damage. Who? you might wonder. The abstinence teacher who tells her students that they’ll go to jail if they have premarital sex. The well-funded organization that tells girls on college campuses that they should be looking for a husband, not taking women’s studies classes. The judge who rules against a rape survivor because she didn’t meet whatever standard for a victim he had in mind. The legislator who pushes a bill to limit young women’s access to abortion because he doesn’t think they’re smart enough to make their own decisions. These are the people who are making the world a worse place–and a more dangerous one, at that–for girls and young women. We’re just doing our best to live in it.

No Doubt That Girls Are In Trouble

“ A woman in South Dakota who wants to get an abortion, for example, is subject to so many hurdles—geographic, financial, and legal—that getting an abortion is near impossible. Sarah Stoesz, president of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, says that in her region, the obstacles make don’t women so desperate that they take matters info their own hands. Stoesz tells me the story of an eighteen-year-old living in western South Dakota who had an unplanned pregnancy. Because of financial constraints that prevented her from traveling across the state to the Planned Parenthood clinic in eastern South Dakota, this young woman inserted a toothpick into her cervix in desperation, hoping it would induce an abortion. After several days, she became afraid and called a local doctor to help her. The doctor informed her that removing the toothpick from her cervix might cause an abortion, so he refused to see her. ” – Jessica Valenti, The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity Is Hurting Young Women