Daily Archives: May 28, 2014

Yesterday afternoon, I made these videos as part of that #YesAllWomen video project that I mentioned yesterday. Madison mentioned on her Instagram account that the deadline is Friday, May 30. If you’re interested in contributing, then you’ll need to do so by then. It was actually a much larger video that I had to cut down in order to upload it. (The original file was over 33 minutes long and 2.6 GB of memory.) I was surprised at how long it ended up being. This may be the most I’ve actually talked all year. I would encourage others to share their stories. If you don’t feel safe doing it in a video or in a tweet, then you could do something as “little” as writing in a personal journal or something. Acknowledging it is a major step. And, if you ever feel that you’re ready, getting out to someone is a big thing. And remember that no person’s story is more or less important than any other person’s story. Anyone who judges you for what you’ve experienced is not someone whose opinion you should concern yourself with or obsess over.

My #YesAllWomen Videos