Once is Happenstance, Twice is Coincidence… 1

Do you remember how I mentioned that the three-four pound shift in my weight was probably because my period was about to start? If you don’t, I don’t blame you because it wasn’t all that important.1 If you do, you might consider some kind of psychological help because remembering some random, unimportant comment about my period is a bit strange. Anyway, my comment was not wrong. My period started late Wednesday/early Thursday. Aside from it still being within the “normal” time frame of 35 or fewer days, which is still freakish for mine to stick to, it didn’t shock me that it started then. For some very odd reason, when I have surgery or medical procedures that require some level of sedation, I tend to start my period sometime after that. It’s something I have almost come to expect.

Having a period when you’re limited in your use of one hand is sort of hard. I can’t imagine how hard it would probably be if I were a tampon girl,2 but pads are pretty fucking hard to use right now. That glue that never seemed to stick properly any other time that I’ve used pads is finally holding on to my underwear with a death grip. The only nice thing about that is that, with their sticking, I haven’t had as much of a leaking issue.3

Aside from period related stuff, there isn’t much going on, except all the recovery stuff. I’m still in pain. I’m still having to juggle when I take my pain medicine because it still makes me hyper when I take it at the wrong time. I’m still being protected by Amy more than I have ever been before. And my mom has been offering to do just about everything, which is nice, but it also makes me feel uncomfortable.4

I now have a little less than a week until I get my stitches out. I wish that it would hurry up because I am already very sick of keeping my hand dry. I’ve been getting more bruises from the tape that I have to use around the glove in the shower. That makes me feel a bit pathetic, even though I know that easy bruising isn’t something I can control. I’ve tried to keep my mind off the whole being worried about how useful the surgery will end up being because I know that if the hypermobility does cause the surgery to be a waste that that also isn’t something within my control. It’s hard to keep myself from stressing out on things, especially when the things that I could stress out about are legit fears.

Aside from the blood and gore from my hand and uterus, this week has been pretty uneventful.

being accused of having an affinity for blacks

Well, except for the idiots on Twitter and Facebook, but that’s not really news. I was accused of having “an affinity for blacks” because I argued that slavery was an atrocity.5 My first thought was that “affinity for blacks” is the new way of calling someone a “n***** lover” without using the N-word. And I pretty sure that that was how it was intended to come off. I guess he thought by saying “affinity for” that it wouldn’t come off that bad, but it doesn’t really matter how you phrase it or what words you add or leave out, it still comes off as an ignorant, bigoted remark.6 Is there something wrong with liking or defending a POC? Is that something I shouldn’t do because I happen to be white? I know that RWNJ accuse liberals of just using the word racism for anyone who disagrees with them, but I think there are conservatives out there, like this man, who still feel that there is something wrong with the co-mingling of the groups. And that is very sickening.

Other than all of that, I guess nothing has been going on for me.

  1. If you forgot something important, I wouldn’t blame you either, unless we happened to be related. 

  2. In almost twenty years, I’ve never used them. 

  3. I’m sorry this post is so gross so far. 

  4. For some reason, that’s always my reaction when people offer to do things for me. Weird, huh? 

  5. I also got accused of hating Jews because I argued that the horrors of slavery were similar to the horrors of the Holocaust, which made the hating Jews comment seem all the more ridiculous. 

  6. Because that’s what it is. 

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One thought on “Once is Happenstance, Twice is Coincidence…

  • Annita G.

    I think you did well in not using tampons; they must hurt a lot!

    Hope you recover soon. Do the stitches hurt a lot? I’m sorry you’re going through so much..

    That’s really a bigot. What a nonsense! Skin color, face shape, nothing counts. We’re all human beings.

    I’m happy to be on your blog again after two years. Thanks for keeping me among your friends in the Links page, I was touched by that. 🙂

    Hope to be around again soon.

    – Annita

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