Daily Archives: May 15, 2014

via Instagram Before today, the only experience I’ve really had with Greek Yogurt is in smoothies, so I had no preference for brands or flavors going in. After the test, I think I can say that I do prefer one brand over the other. While the Yoplait was okay, I feel that the Chobani is actually better. The Yoplait was too sweet and the texture was a little lumpy. Despite the Chobani being a fruit on the bottom yogurt, it was creamier. It also seemed to be more consistent in its texture and the sweetness wasn’t over the top. The Yoplait wasn’t bad. I just preferred the Chobani. Aside from the taste preference, I had some difficulty using the gift card to get the yogurt. I activated it, took it to the store, told them how much to run it as, and it still didn’t work. I don’t know if it was a cashier error or the card was messed up. I just know that there were issues. Disclosure: I was provided with a $4 gift card from Yoplait to test their blueberry yogurt vs. the blueberry fruit-on-the-bottom Chobani yogurt. All I had to do in return was give an honest review.

Review: Yoplait Greek Yogurt