Give the Girl a Hand or at least a Thumb…No, Really 2

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I had my re-check with the orthopedist on my thumb. I told him that the steroid injection didn’t work very long and that there were still days that I was in the same amount of pain as I was before he even did the shot. I tried not to downplay it or be wishy-washy or anything like that. I also tried not to whine. Basically, I was trying to act like I thought an adult should act when discussing this kind of thing with the doctor. And that’s hard because it’s painful enough that I wanted to stick my thumb in my mouth and cry for my mom. Seriously, it sucks. Don’t ever let it happen to you. And if an orthopedist ever wants to press around on something injured on you, don’t let that dude or dudette near you because they have this special ability to make super-intense pain that much more intense. Yeah, I guess I’m getting my whine on now.

Where was I? Oh, yeah.

Because the second shot was unsuccessful, he said that the only thing left to be done was surgery. He also said it was unlikely I would have to be knocked out for it, which is good because I have such wonky reactions to anesthesia. After telling her that, my mom decided that she had to start grossing me out about it, though. Oh, the doctor also said that after the surgery I would need to start moving my thumb around to help get it moving properly and to help it heal, which I’m guessing is going to be a whole new kind of painful sensation for a while, but I can handle it if it will just help make this better.

I’ll be having surgery next Tuesday morning. Well, that’s assuming that he’s running on time. Hopefully, he will be running on time. I should be able to come home that afternoon, which is good. I’m just ready to get it all over with. I’ve had issues with this joint for so long. It will be nice to have one less thing to worry about.

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