Throwback Thursday: The Easter Hat

I’m pretty certain that I was two when this picture was taken. It’s a rare one with me wearing a hat. I’ve never been really into hats, which sucks because, like pretty much all self-respecting and self-deprecating gingers, the sun and I don’t get along. Basically, my lack of love for hats has been led to many a painful sunburns on my scalp. I did wear baseball caps sometimes, but when I heard about gang violence being related to baseball caps, I stopped wearing them. (I’ve always been a bit neurotic.)

Easter was also the time of year when I would get sandals, which was less than fun. We had to go to Buster Brown/Stride Rite because no other (affordable) store had shoes wide enough in kids’ shoes. And because of my short, yet wide foot, I always had to get the not-so-pretty shoes. This led to a less-than-reasonable attitude about uncomfortable, but pretty shoes as a teenager. Whenever I would find shoes that I liked that fit, I would buy them. I would lie about the pain/discomfort that they caused because I loved shoes and wanted them all. (I had a pair for choir that hurt like hell to wear, but they were so pretty that I didn’t care that they made me want to cut my feet off.)

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