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On April 1, I finally heard back from the Twitter support desk about the remaining reports from “the January incident” and, as I expected, they decided that the remaining accounts were not currently in violation of the rules. It seemed like it would take a minor miracle for them to acknowledge that any of these users were problematic. Two of them weren’t necessarily as bad as the ringleader, but I think it’s pretty easy to tell that he is most definitely a continuing problem.

Well, I guess that in their own way, Twitter realized this because his main account has been perma-banned. When I responded on Tuesday to the emails about this not being abuse, I told Twitter that the guy had 2 other accounts.1 One of those accounts has been banned and re-instated twice since the perma-ban on the other account started. The other? No problems that I know of so far. It wouldn’t shock me if both accounts ended up getting permanent bans eventually because I don’t think this guy is going to change his behavior. Maybe Twitter will realize that on their own, though.

the perma-banning of cobrathecdr aka destrothenoble and thedrmindbender

The best part of his main account being banned permanently is that those two meme images, as well as all of his abusive tweets, are gone. Those were humiliating and horrible, so it’s nice that they are gone. I also asked the support people to removed the one that _isabellarina_ put on her account. It was unedited, but it was a picture that I took and she definitely didn’t get my permission before reposting, so I’m hopeful that they will take it down, as well.

It’s annoying that it took 8 weeks to get any response on the most serious reports. (It was also annoying that it took 3 or 4 weeks for the previous reports.) I know Twitter is a big site now, but they used to apologize when it would take them 8 days to resolve a report of abuse. Eight days might be on the unreasonable side, but it really shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks to make initial decisions. There should also be a better appeals process because, as it is, they can make a decision to do nothing and asking why or complaining about it does no good. It seems like they could put a much better system in place, especially if they wanted to make sure this kind of behavior wasn’t still going on, but they don’t. I assume that means that they don’t want to change and that’s rather annoying.

8 day apologies

  1. I hate that I know that, but I almost feel like I have to for my own peace of mind. 

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  • Kelly

    Sadly, this guy is still on the loose.

    I’m currently trying to get the Destro account suspended after I got the same abuse and then had a screenshot posted of a comment I made (admittedly, I was angry and hurt by the comments being thrown at me which did actually make me cry and I snapped and the comment I made wasn’t the nicest) so now this guy has a photo up with a picture of me and my full name along with more abusive remarks.

    If you’d like to help me out and report him, maybe they’ll suspend the account this time. You know… Strength in numbers, and all that. He’s put up screenshots of alot of other people for the purpose of humiliating them… The entire account looks to be dedicated to harrassment. If that’s not worth a permanent suspension, I don’t know what is.

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