Daily Archives: March 29, 2014

I finally saw Frozen today. Guess what?! I don’t feel any more or less gay from watching it. Either my copy was defective in it’s changing of sexual orientation or the idea that it could change a person is somehow flawed. I’m voting on the flawed idea. I don’t really see how someone could get that Frozen promoted a gay agenda. I already thought that idea sounded ridiculous, but now that I’ve seen the movie I can say with no doubt that it is absolutely absurd. There were certain things that it may have encouraged: Love your family. Red hair with blonde highlights looks awesome. Certain snowmen clearly do acid. Good can kick evil’s ass any day. Confused thoughts about why Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel had starring roles, but Lea Michele didn’t even have a cameo. Why is only Vocal Adrenaline getting the love? Reindeer are obviously dogs in disguise. Ginger girls are too trusting. Ginger boys may be evil, which I’ve been saying for years. Can Kristen Bell please sing more often? (Because wow.) The chanting-ish music sounds like someone was channeling Elton John and The Lion King. This movie would be totally trippy if I were high, or I think it would be. Do people watch Disney movies when they’re high? I wonder what that’s like. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Nothing about the movie screamed “love the gays” or even “all men are created equal” or anything like that. Instead, it seemed to promote ideas like loving your family and trusting yourself. Social issues, though? Nope. I definitely didn’t notice anything promoting social issues, whether from a left-wing or right-wing perspective. Maybe the woman who thought it did felt that way from the movie and the music because something in her conscience was telling her that her current way of thinking of LGBTQ folks & her current political beliefs aren’t where they should be. I’ve heard some people mention that she has a lesbian relative. Maybe the idea of loving and accepting one’s family is what triggered her ranting feelings. It seems more likely that it was her personal guilt that she was feeling than anything in that movie. And I’m sure she could probably say that Frozen didn’t change my feelings or my orientation because I’m already a supporter of marriage (and other forms of) equality for every person. That could be true, but I would hope that no matter what my political and social bent is that I would notice someone trying to persuade me to vote a certain way. I certainly wouldn’t think that only a handful of people, who already feel anti-gay in some way, would be the only people to notice the alleged promotion of a pro-gay agenda. To me, their allegations feel even more paranoid in nature now that I’ve seen the movie than they did before I had watched it. (They might want to think about researching ideas and delusions of reference.) Aside from my slight disappointment at the lack of change regarding my sexual orientation, I did enjoy the movie. It was cute. I can understand why it has been so popular.

The Lesbian Ice Queen Did Not Cometh