Sexism Sucks

  • No, it isn’t “okay” to suggest that a woman is actually a man if she wants to be a CEO or the President or any other traditionally male position. There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to hold a position of power. This doesn’t make her less of a woman. It has nothing to do with her gender or her sex.
  • No, it isn’t “okay” to suggest that a woman must be a lesbian if she wants these things. Being a lesbian is about a woman liking other women sexually. It is not a personality trait or a character flaw. A woman choosing to run for office or run a company doesn’t mean that she finds women sexually attractive.
  • No, it isn’t “okay” to suggest that a woman must be intersex if she wants these things. Being intersex means that a person is born with sexual anatomy that does not fit the standard male-female anatomy definitions. It is the way a person’s body develops, not a personality trait or a character flaw. If a person doesn’t fit the norm socially, it doesn’t mean that they are intersex.
  • No, it isn’t “okay” to teach girls and young women that there is something wrong with them if they are ambitious and it isn’t “okay” to demean women who’ve acted on their ambitions. Ambition is not a solely-male trait. It is not a character flaw for a woman to be ambitious. If a woman wants to be in charge of a country or a company or her household, don’t judge her for that.
  • No, it isn’t “okay” to say that only men can hold certain jobs, have certain hobbies, etc. It limits all people to say that gender roles have to be strictly defined. It demeans every person when one person is told that they are less worthy of respect because of their gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Basically, get the fuck over your stupid, petty biases. Women and men should be treated with the same level of respect and decency. Stop the demeaning and degrading talk. Stop suggesting that women only belong in the kitchen and never belong in the boardroom. Stop trying to make being of a different sexual orientation or being born with certain parts into an insult. Stop telling little girls that they have to behave certain ways to be loved or to be worthy of respect and start teaching them that they have the same amount of dignity as their male peers. Stop teaching boys that girls have to act a certain way to earn their respect and to be treated like actual human beings. Stop promoting or encouraging or justifying ignorance.
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