Love In The Time of Sepsis and Necrotizing Fasciitis

I mentioned Granddaddy’s youngest brother being sick and in the hospital, and if you’ve followed on Twitter, then you know that he didn’t have a stroke. (Yay!) Instead, he had sepsis from a gallbladder full of stones. (Ugh!) They removed it, but had to have a second surgery because a stone had gotten stuck in the duct. The doctors were worried that he wouldn’t make it through the surgery because he’s 89, but so far he’s done pretty well. They would have waited on his second surgery, except that they thought that waiting would be even more dangerous for him.

Meanwhile, we’ve found out that Nana’s callus, the one that has been bothering her for about 2 years now, is infected again. Mom said that it was some kind of “flesh-eating” bacteria, so she may have necrotizing fasciitis.1 It doesn’t seem to be progressing super-quickly whatever it is, but that may be from her bad circulation. Anyway, I don’t know what they’re using to treat her because she’s got lots of antibiotic allergies. Hopefully, whatever they do, it will get better.

They think that the infection was caused by the podiatrist that took the callus off. Nana hasn’t seen him since he removed the bandage from the callus removal. And the infection started not long after he removed it. She’s taken meds for it before, but they didn’t work last time. The bug just seems to keep coming back. So…it’s all really icky and sucky and if he did cause it, then he probably deserves to be sued or investigated, but medical malpractice suits in this state are more punitive toward the patient than the crappy doctor.

I’m worried about both of them because I love them and I know that the illnesses that they have are dangerous to young people, so they must be extremely bad for people who are over 80. I’m also worried about any person who happens to see doctors in the county they live in because it just seems strange that so many cases of “big bad” infections are happening or, for the most part, going unnoticed by the doctors there until it is almost too late. I don’t know how the doctors didn’t know that Uncle Steve had gallstones until after he’d developed sepsis. I’m imagining that having the stones causes the same kind of pain that you have with a shoddy, failing, stone-free gallbladder. I can’t imagine him not bringing that up with someone. And with Nana, I wonder why the doctors haven’t taken her callus and subsequent infections more seriously since the initial problem started so long ago.

  1. Do not look that phrase up if you have a weak stomach. And if you choose to do that despite being warned, do not blame me for your inability to never eat again. 

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