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The only remaining sibling of my maternal grandfather1 may have had a stroke. That sucks. I used to love to listen to him tell stories and just talk in general because he was so funny. Because of the possible stroke, my mom has been on the phone with Nana. While they were talking, the “ongoing” angst between my mom’s sister and me was brought up. Apparently, the husband of my mom’s sister is now pissed at me for something I said recently. What it was, I’m not sure. Maybe it was when I compared the Judy Facebook drama on my birthday with the Facebook conversation from hell that went on with Deb, Billy, and my mom’s sister. Well, I’m sorry, but the situations are similar. One relative uses an innocuous post directed at me to start drama, another uses an indirect post about me to do so. I’m basically told in both that there is something wrong with treating me with some level of respect. I get accused of lying/scheming in both. I may not be super great at the whole logic thing, but I have a good enough grasp on it to know that it is perfectly okay to come to the conclusion that similar situations are actually similar. Aside from talking about drama with Judy, the only other posts fuzzypinkslippers.com that I’ve made have been about Twitter, my spaghetti recipe, an upcoming doctor’s appointment, the wackadoodle Mormon grandmother who thought Frozen was a gateway to gay pride parades, a book’s cover reveal, talking about turning 30, the K friendship situation, being the pawn in my parents’ relationship, weird search terms, and politics. Maybe he’s upset by the posts I’ve made on my Tumblr, where I post fandom and other stuff. I do admit that I post pornographic images on there to get those relatives to stop checking it.2 Or maybe he’s upset by something I’ve posted on Twitter. As I post on there frequently and have probably made around a thousand tweets in the last month or so, I can’t remember right off anything else I may have said that could be offensive. I know he can’t be figuring out what I’ve said on my LJ because their repeated checking of that was ended by my making all posts on their Friends Only. What I do know is that if I have said something that they didn’t like and that they found on my blog or on my Tumblr or on my Twitter or any other site on the entire Internet, then it means that they are still looking at those things. I emailed them a long time ago to get them to stop doing this. I’ve blocked them on Facebook. I’ve done that Friends Only thing on LJ. I’ve posted things I knew would make them uncomfortable (porn) to keep them away. I’ve blocked their IP on here and remarked when they’ve used proxies. I’ve done everything I can to keep them from doing this. So if they’re still trying to do this and they’re still blaming me for their personal misery, then…then they need to just grow up and get over it. Yeah, this post probably will get them more riled up, but if they’re bringing up things that they are “discovering” with Nana, then they are being hypocrites. Talking about me to her or with other members of the family is worse than my discussing my relationship issues on my blog or on social media. There aren’t all that many people who read my blog or who follow me on social media when you really think about it. And most of those people do not know me off of the computer and definitely do not know them. The people that they are talking with are the people that do know me offline and that know them offline. And that makes them the big bads in this situation. If people they know are finding out what I’m saying about myself and about my family members, then they are finding it out from them. It would be nice if we could all get along, but I think we all know that will never happen. So we all need to just forget about one another. That is the only way that we can all keep whatever is left of our dignity and sanity. It shouldn’t be that hard for them to drop the thoughts about me. I’m sure my pictures that mom’s sister had have been burned already. And Nana keeps most of her pictures of me back in her bedroom, so when they go over all they really see are pictures of themselves. As for me, I don’t actually talk about them all that much. Just when things like this happen or when other family members start some sort of drama. If we all pretend that our past relationship never happened and that we’re strangers, then I think we’ll all be much happier. So, relatives that dislike me so much, if you’re reading this, maybe you will be happier if you just quit reading stuff. If you will actually leave me alone, I will not talk about you. I honestly was thinking earlier that I hope Steve doesn’t have anything that’s serious or that causes him to die. One reason is I don’t want any of my family members to suffer that sort of loss. Another reason is that I don’t want to try to figure out how we would do funerals and other grieving process stuff. I don’t want to be the reason that the world falls apart and I’m sick of feeling like that’s the way that I’m viewed. the good grandfather ↩According to the Analytics, it seems to work. ↩

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