Okay. Wow.

Last night, I blogged about the “classy” guy & his band of misfit friends on Twitter who thought that it was cool to say all kinds of shitty things to me. Well, apparently, my “whining” has attracted quite a bit of attention. There have now been more visitors to that one post than to my whole site in the two days before it.

About what happened: Once I was able to step away from the situation, I started feeling less upset by it. It just all happened so fast and it was a bit overwhelming. And once it felt less overwhelming and less upsetting, I started thinking of it in a joking manner. For example, the suggestion that I would do anal sex for Big Macs. Big Macs are gross. I like Whoppers better, but I still wouldn’t have any kind of sex for them. Maybe for cheesecake, but not for a burger.

I still think what was said to and about me was uncalled for, disgusting, and all kinds of messed up, but I don’t feel quite as raw from it as I felt when it happened. I didn’t go binge after it was said. And I don’t feel like what was said was really about me. Yeah, it hurt. Yeah, I’m glad that I reported it and that I blocked those people, but I don’t feel that what they said reflects on me as much as it does on them. And that’s something that I think can count as personal growth. Score. And since I managed to not do anything self-destructive afterward or during that incident after having my weekly Seeking Safety therapy session canceled, I can count it as an even more awesome amount of growth for me. Way to go, me.

In a way, I feel bad for these people. It’s bad that they think this kind of behavior is acceptable. It makes me wonder what had to go wrong in their lives to make them think it’s okay to treat people like that. I know my childhood was messed up, so what does that say about theirs?

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